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STUDY DESIGN IN SPAIN Specialize in design

How to train in design? Which are the best design schools in Spain? Where to study fashion design? How to become a graphic designer? How to become an interior designer?

Design has several distinct branches and the choice of your training is important to do what you really want to become.

Spain offers a series of official university courses that will not only allow you to obtain a quality education but, above all, to start a career as a designer on the international scene.

The world of design is not limited to one country. The mix of cultures we offer will allow you to develop your potential to the fullest and to benefit from the support of the best professionals in the sector in Spain and abroad.

How are the studies going?

The courses last 4 years. You will obtain the "Grado universitario", the equivalent of a license in France.

You specialize over the years and complete your degree with a thesis on a topic of your choice that will complete your portfolio.

These 4 years will help you prepare your CV to either start working in the world of design or to continue towards a master's degree in order to specialize.

Can I work in France with my Spanish diploma?

The world of design is not regulated like the medical world for example. You can therefore practice in France and anywhere in the world with your Spanish diploma. It is your skills and your portfolio that will make the difference. But it is also the reputation of your university and its network that will allow you to work with the best.

FrancEspagne Education invites you to discover the best courses we have selected for you in Spain in the world of design by downloading the document below.

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