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Testimony of Nathalie Sanchez (founder of FrancEspagne Education)

Lost, sometimes skeptical, often distraught, they entrusted us with their lives or those of their children 4, 5, 6 or more years ago (already! how time flies...) ... at the end of their studies in Spain, we find adults, open, confident, professional.

What if we had changed their lives? Would Marie have become this excellent veterinarian? Would Mathieu have simply lived abroad? Would Manon have spoken Spanish? Would Quentin have spent a year of his life in Mexico and 6 months in Poland? Would Estelle have become a dentist? Would Adrien soon be the international architect he has always dreamed of? Would Constance be a marathon runner? Would Romain have had the opportunity to discover the end of the world? Would Margot have started her life on the arm of a handsome hidalgo?

Thank you to all the students and parents who trusted us to accompany them. Long, beautiful and surprising life to all! .... And NEVER forget that it is in the unexpected that the most beautiful surprises are hidden: Dare!

I testify
Houmadi Open House Day

Hello, I thank France Espagne for this day where all the university teams gave us all the explanations on the course of the school life. The organization was impeccable, the speakers were very kind and gave us all the explanations on the course of the classes. I thank the director and especially Mrs. Caroline Lopez who was always available and kind to answer our questions. France Espagne really made things easy for us with a well-defined schedule of visits with planned times. We had the right to a bus at our disposal for the visits of the different places on campus. A really professional job I thank France Espagne éducation. Sincerely

Houmadi University Europea de Valencia (UEV) Valencia Campus Dental study Spain
TABARDEL Open House Day

A day that I think was essential to visit, meet other students, and ask our questions. Thank you FranceEspagne Education for your organization, your welcome, and your listening.

TABARDEL Physiotherapist in Spain
UAX Open House Open House

We returned from the UAX Open House delighted.
A big thank you to France Espagne Education for the perfect organization of this day.
Our visit to UAX allowed us to see firsthand
of the high quality facilities and equipment.
We were received with great kindness by the university team and the information and advice were very interesting and reassuring for our daughter and us.
Visiting this magnificent University and its facilities and staying 3 days in Villanueva de la Cañada allowed our daughter to project herself in her future life as a student in all serenity.
Thank you Nathalie and Clement and the entire UAX team for taking the time to receive us with such professionalism.

UAX Open House Alfonso Diez el Sabio University (UAX)
Anne-Sophie CARVALHO Future physiotherapy student in Spain

I thank Nathalie and Clément for having organized these open houses (for my part at UCAM and VU). Thank you for their availability! By doing this open house it allowed me to project myself in my studies in Spain and thus to comfort me in the idea of being able to study there serenely, thus removing a worry. Even if it only lasted 2 days, these open houses helped me a lot and gave me the desire to complete my project.

Anne-Sophie CARVALHO University Europea de Valencia (UEV) Valencia Campus Physiotherapy in Spain
VERNET Physiotherapy studies : UEV

I would like to thank Francespagne Education for its professionalism, its clarity in the explanations requested and its responsiveness as well. The open house at the University of Valencia was particularly beneficial and very well organized: you get a real idea of things and that is what is important.
Just a small suggestion: consider in the future to present the candidates present in order to see the regions of origin and to link up knowledge beforehand. Of course we did it for some but we can't see everyone.
I reiterate my satisfaction with this very important day and specify that it is indeed important to make the trip.

VERNET University Europea de Valencia (UEV) Valencia Campus Physiotherapy in Spain
Spout UAX Madrid

A day full of discovery energized by passionate and exciting professionals. The UAX is magnificent and of great quality. A big thank you to all the organizers.

Ophelie Bataille Indispensable

This open day was very useful (discovery of the infrastructures, presentation of the physiotherapy program, meeting with a student who shared his experience with us).
Very enriching!

Ophelie Bataille Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) Physiotherapy in Spain
PEILLEX Philippe Open house day

My wife and I were able to attend 3 open days. It was a very enriching experience, where we were able to meet parents, children and teachers. All this was very well organized by Nathalie and Clément, both devoted and ready to respond very quickly to our slightest requests.

PEILLEX Philippe Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) University Europea de Valencia (UEV) Valencia Campus UEM Madrid - University Europea de Madrid (UEM) Physiotherapy in Spain
Casanovas Servas Family Parental testimony

I would like to give my testimony to say how useful the open house was.
We were able to discover the UAX and benefit from clear and convincing explanations.
Congratulations to France Espagne Éducation for its efficiency in organizing these days.

Casanovas Servas Family
Vincent family Indispensable

Nathalie and Clément are present and available on these days. Very interesting and reassuring visit for parents and future students. The people in charge of the universities are very attentive and willing to answer questions in a precise manner. In my opinion, it is essential to go there to judge the facilities, the environment and to see which university would be the best adapted to the future student according to his feeling. Thank you for the personalized support

Vincent Family University Europea de Valencia (UEV) Valencia Campus Physiotherapy in Spain
Vaqué isabelle Return of the 2018 open house

We are very pleased with Francespagne Education, which shares its experience in the field, in the universities.

Francespagne listens and answers all our questions very quickly. Thank you for your help!
If you want to study in Spain, don't hesitate to join Francespagne and start learning Spanish.

Vaqué isabelle
Caroline Seguin VU Open House

At no time did we regret having made the trip. The interventions of the professors and staff of the UEV have convinced us of the quality of the teaching and the follow-up of the students. Moreover, getting to know the city for two days allowed Juliette to project herself and to be sure that she wanted to study in Valencia. This stay was very beneficial, it allowed us to be reassured and to see things much more clearly.

Caroline Seguin
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